Todays podcast John gives his discipleship "Tip of the week" and continues on his judgment series. This weeks parable is the parable The parable of th...View Details

In this podcast John gives us this weeks discipleship tip - living a life on mission and then in the gospel portion of the podcast he talks about the ...View Details

This weeks episode is a two parter.  First, he speaks on a discipleship tip, identity, and its importance to discipleship. Secondly, John continues on...View Details

We continue in the Judgment Parables. We find the Jesus heading to the cross. There he is once again confronted with 'thee' question, "By What Authori...View Details

This week John gives this weeks discipleship tip, he speaks on why the table Network changed its name, and goes into the action parable of the Cleansi...View Details

The importance of grace is forgiveness.  John opens up about this topic and the struggles of forgiveness.  He asked the question, "Does guilt that we ...View Details

John gives his discipleship tip of the week.  We also continue our study on the Gospel as we look at "action parables" that are presented to us during...View Details

Season 2: EP.09 -UNFaith

Many bring their thoughts and opinions to God, but we must place our trust in what he has done and will do rather than think we have it figured out. T...View Details

As Jesus goes to see Lazarus we learn the meaning of resurrection and the implications for on now. Good News? You bettcha!

The series on God's Judgement and Grace continues. Jesus is under fire as he heads towards Jerusalem. On the way he does something unheard of and the ...View Details

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