Transition and change can be tough.  However, it is a lot more complicated when we are religious. This episode John talks about the difference between...View Details

In this episode John asks can you disciple from a pulpit?  And He continues in the parables of Judgment as Jesus speaks of Noah right before he take u...View Details

This episode we get back to our series on the Parable of Judgment.  

Discipleship has suffered in America because of the barriers created by rituals and skewed theology in the broken systems of church.  Today John passi...View Details

Discipleship without prayer has no guidance or direction. Mission in Prayer helps to see our relationship with God and those around us.  Join John as ...View Details

Todays podcast John gives his discipleship "Tip of the week" and continues on his judgment series. This weeks parable is the parable The parable of th...View Details

In this podcast John gives us this weeks discipleship tip - living a life on mission and then in the gospel portion of the podcast he talks about the ...View Details

This weeks episode is a two parter.  First, he speaks on a discipleship tip, identity, and its importance to discipleship. Secondly, John continues on...View Details

We continue in the Judgment Parables. We find the Jesus heading to the cross. There he is once again confronted with 'thee' question, "By What Authori...View Details

This week John gives this weeks discipleship tip, he speaks on why the table Network changed its name, and goes into the action parable of the Cleansi...View Details

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