Archive for November 2020

Transhood by Matt Walsh

An in depth analysis on the new HBO documentary by Matt Walsh from the daily wire. You don't want to miss! What they meant for propaganda turns out to...View Details

Is the the cross just about God's wrath? In this episode we find Jesus willing to not only to descend into darkness but to confront the root of our hu...View Details

The wrath of God is often spoken of concerning the work of Jesus. However, is it possible Jesus took the cross for even a more glorious reason than to...View Details

So many of us walk in a season of doubt or crisis. In a time of holding or confusion what does the Lords Prayer say to us? Join me as I unfold the Lor...View Details

The Problem of Grace

Society has a default to use institutions as a default for change. America is rejecting the industry and system of church while Christians have clung ...View Details

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