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In this episode John has special guest Raydon Haskins and they discuss the Good News of Jesus, freedom in Christ, and the important of discipleship!

Today John brings in special Guest Raydon Haskins to talk about Discipleship, Freedom, the Good News and what it all means!

Based on the book: Screaming in the Wind: Is the religion of Christianity keeping people from Christ? By John Pappas Chapter 9: Abes Children      

Walking as a Disciple

What does it mean to walk as a disicple? John speaks of a life of faith, hop, and love verses a life on making, measuring, and managing.

From missionary wit assembly of God to church staff member Jon is now taking on a new chapter in his journey as a disciple maker. Jon talks about the ...View Details

The truth about religion and systems are something we often do not think about. In the mess of our consumerism and religious systems we sometimes forg...View Details

What is Jesus telling us in the misnames parable called the "Good Samaritan?"  

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