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Religion & Spirituality

InferenceSwap is a show about God’s Mission and Discipleship. It’s about the message, method, and ins and outs of disciplining everyday people in our community in everyday life.


Faith and God's mission goes hand and hand. However, we ofter get obscure definitions in cultural Christianity and create a cult around very bad doctrines of the faith. Today we dissect FAITH and speak to 3 common bad definitions and then see how faith is developed in us so we can be on point and live as God's sent ones.

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The concept of Family is birthed out of the nature of God and given to his creation. The narrative of the world presses against this yet can't get past the need for family. In this episode, we explore the idea of family given by God and it's values and how they can help us as we approach setting a table in discipleship.

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June 18, 2020

The Real Problem - Truth

Whether it's Racism, Sexual Identity, or institutional Church the Real Problem, TRUTH. We just will not accept it.

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