Chris and John get personal as they speak on personal experiences of grief, forgiveness, and the power of the Gospel in troubling times. Check out thi...View Details

Join Chris and John for another amazing conversation on the power and joy of the Good News! In this episode they discuss the Gospel and Guilt! Don't m...View Details

Chris and John are back as they discus the Mystery of Christ s the gift of universal acceptance in Christ. This really is a great discussion you don't...View Details

In this episode we continue talking about Robert Farrar Capone book, "The Mystery of Christ and why we don't get it." We pick it back up in chapter 5 ...View Details

S3.EP.08 - God Is…

In this Special Episode check out this powerful message John brings about who God is.

This week we finish our analysis of Chapter 3 and 4 of Robert Farrar Capons book, "The Mystery of Christ." In this discussion we learn about the diffe...View Details

Chris and John analyze Robert Capone's Mystery of Christ. In Episode 5 we look at a counseling session with Micheal who is a homosexual relationship t...View Details

John and Chris are discussion a book by Robert Farrar Capone called, "The Mystery of Christ." This week they talk about chapter 3, "The Mystery of For...View Details

Have you ever heard the story of Jesus sending his disciples across the sea and then he walks on water? Well you never heard like this.  Join John as ...View Details

Season 3 is off and running. In this episode the boys explore Robert Farrar Capons Book, "The Mystery of Christ" Chapter 1 and 2.  This talk is a deep...View Details

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